Britons Stranded After Post Brexit Green Card Issue

Britons living in EU countries barred from returning in post-Brexit residency row

by peoplespulpit

Posted 1 week ago

Britons living in EU countries have been barred from returning to them after Christmas in a post-Brexit row over residency.

People trying to return to Spain and Italy after their Christmas holidays were either turned back on arrival or barred from getting on to flights after being told that their pre-Brexit "green cards" were not valid for entry.

The problems began on Saturday when border officials at airports in Madrid and Barcelona refused to recognise the documents despite declarations by the Spanish and Italian governments that they should be treated as valid for entry.

Instead, border officials insisted they would not allow entry to anyone without a new post Brexit photo-ID card, which most British residents have applied for but have yet to receive.

As a result, British passengers were turned back on arrival on at least two flights to Barcelona and had to return to the UK. Passengers on one flight from Newcastle had to fly back without their baggage, which was left at the airport.

The problems spiralled when airlines also started refusing to fly resident Britons back to Spain or Italy without the new post-Brexit foreign identity card. Airlines can be fined if they allow people to fly to a country without the right documentation.

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