Burt Reynolds Laid to Rest

Reynolds Laid to Rest in Hollywood More Than 2 Years After His Death

by PartyBoyTroy

Posted 9 months ago

More than two years after his death in 2018, Burt Reynolds has been laid to rest.

The iconic actor died at 82 on Sept. 6, 2018, after facing health issues for several years. He was finally buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Thursday in a private ceremony, the Associated Press reported. Reynolds' family members reportedly participated via Zoom.

His gravesite is temporarily marked with a simple headstone bearing his name but a bust of Reynolds, who was cremated, is currently under commission, according to the AP.

The cemetery's president and co-owner Tyler Cassity told the news service that the bust will hopefully be unveiled in a public ceremony on the third anniversary of his death later this year.

After the service, which was about an hour long, friends and family gathered at a nearby tavern called E.R. Bradley's Saloon.

"Burt was a real person and he loved these kinds of casual watering holes," the source said.

Attendees then watched a video commemorating Reynolds' decades-long career in Hollywood.

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