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Protesters yell 'F--k Joe Biden' as president meets with preschoolers

by MPeriod

Posted 2 years ago

Biden's first stop in Connecticut was the Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford, where he promoted the child care provisions of his Build Back Better proposal. He also visited the playground outside.

While Biden was mingling with the preschoolers, about 50 "Trump supporters" nearby "chanted 'F--- Joe Biden. He's not our president,'" Noah Robertson of The Christian Science Monitor wrote in a White House pool report. Pool reporters on the playground "could still hear protesters chanting from the curb outside. More expletives.

While not a major event, it simply highlights how extreme many, mostly older Americans have become in their extreme partisanship and how such behavior threatens to drag, even kids into these tantrums. Children have also been dragged into adult fights on school diversity programs and mask requirements. CNN highlighted one ugly incident in Beverley Hills earlier this month, where anti-mask protesters accused parents of "rape" and "child abuse" as they walked their children to elementary school

"More and more, politics is defined by comparatively small groups of comparatively loud individuals dominating the discourse, when it is unclear whether they speak for anyone but themselves," Christopher Hooks writes at Texas Monthly, reporting on the ugly confrontations at school board meetings this summer and fall, often involving "at most, a few dozen angry protesters. Some are not even parents of children in public schools."

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