Former Denver Broncos WR Dies At 33

Demaryius Thomas, found dead in shower, may have died from seizure, family says

by PigskinMT

Posted 5 months ago

Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was found dead in a bedroom shower by police Thursday night after a 911 call was placed “in reference to a cardiac arrest,” according to a police report.

Police found Thomas around 7 p.m. following a 911 call from a man who was not identified as a resident in Thomas’ home.

Police were notified by dispatch that Thomas was “not conscious and not breathing.” When officers arrived, they had to push a gate open in order to enter the home.

Once officers made entry into the home, they found Thomas laying down in the shower on his back. The report says he had clear signs of rigor mortis, indicating that he had died.

LaTonya Bonseigneur, a first cousin who grew up with Thomas, told The Associated Press the family believes he died from a seizure.

“He had been suffering from seizures for over a year, and we believe he had a seizure when he was showering,” Bonseigneur said in a telephone interview with AP. “He was alone and a friend couldn’t get hold of him, so he called his driver, who has a key because of these seizures, and he went into his home and found him in the shower.”

A full report from a medical examiner has not yet been released.

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