Former Zappos CEO Bizarre Death Details Emerge

Tony Hsieh’s Was ‘Locked’ In Basement

by MPeriod

Posted 1 month ago

The death of former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, who died last week in a fire at a Connecticut home, continued to raise questions on Tuesday.

Here’s what we know: Early on the morning of November 18, firefighters were called to a home in New London, Conn., and told Hsieh was trapped inside, according to the Hartford Courant. Hsieh was pulled from the home and CPR was administered before he was later taken to a local hospital. He died last Friday, nine days after the fire. Medical examiners on Monday ruled it an accident and said his death was due to injuries caused by smoke inhalation.

Still, the circumstances surrounding Hsieh’s death remain unclear. An emergency dispatcher, in audio obtained by The Daily Mail, said the fire was in a “shed that is attached to the exterior of the house,” and that a “male is barricaded inside” and unresponsive. “Everyone else is outside the house,” the dispatcher said. “They are trying to get him to open up.”

Later, New London Fire Captain Brian Wright, in a statement to The Daily Mail, said that people at the home told firefighters Hsieh was “locked inside” a storage area and that first responders had to bust the door in to get to him.

The question most people are asking is, why? Why would he be locked in as opposed to attempting to escape the house fire?

Compounding matters even further, records obtained by the Hartford Courant show the home was purchased recently by Rachael Brown — and a woman with the same name was found to be a longtime Zappos employee who started at the company in 2004. A woman named Rachael Brown was among Hsieh’s “closest confidants,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. On Tuesday, Connecticut’s Fox 61, citing unnamed sources, said Hsieh bought the home for Brown in August.

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