Google Workers Launch Union

Employees of Google/Alphabet Inc. announced creation of a union, after years of escalating confrontation with management

by peoplespulpit

Posted 2 weeks ago

After years of escalating confrontation between workers and management of the internet giant, Google employees announced on Monday they have created a union.The Alphabet Workers Union said it will be open to all employees and contractors, full and part time. Like other unions It will collect dues, pay organizing staff and have an elected board of directors. Google employees who join the Alphabet Workers Union will also be members of CWA Local 1400.

The group said it plans to take on issues including compensation, employee classification and the kinds of work Google engages in. The union is expected to be a thorn in the side of Google management who has in recent years clashed with workers over contracts with the military, executive compensation, and the treatment of contract workers by the company.

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