Hollywood Conservatives You Aren't Canceled You're Dumb

Conservatives In Hollywood's Constant Victim Mentality Is Getting Too Much

by MPeriod

Posted 11 months ago

During the Holocaust roughly 6 Million Jewish men, women, and children were rounded up and murdered for being Jewish. Gina Carano has a net worth of probably around 4 million dollars and up until a few months ago was in line to have that increase as she was being given, by Disney, her own spin off from the Mandalorian. Being a multi millionaire is not the same as watching your parents murdered by Nazis. Saying that (along with many of the other controversial things she's said) is not "anti conservative; its anti stupidity.

Nobody owes conservatives anything, you aren't owed a TV show, a movie or anything else. So stop crying every time people don't want to put up with your stupidity.

To this day, politicians like Ted Cruz have proclaimed that crticizing stupidity is an "attack on conservatives". No, its not. Being conservative is fine, but sane people are not going to apologize for not wanting to work with, pay, etc... someone who does not understand the difference between the Holocaust, and someone criticizing you for a political opinion.

Conservatives need to stop constantly playing the victim and grow up. Stop saying dumb shit. Stop demanding everyone agree with you. Be Ok with being criticized. Understand that NOBODY must work with you. Understand that words and actions have consequences. "I don't want to work with an idiot" is not a conspiracy. You are not victims, suck it up. Conservative Hollywood you can hold whatever views you want but at some point defending your stupidity becomes financially unsustainable for businesses. Lucasfilm simply did not feel like having to constantly answer questions about Carano's latest stupid tweet. If you all want yoru views respected, get better informed, be able to make coherent arguments and stop whining and crying about being "cancelled".

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