Its Time To Admit DeSantis Is A Moron

Its Time To Call Failure For What It Is

by MPeriod

Posted 2 years ago

Florida now, a year after most states adjusted policy to be successful, now is having more Covid cases a day than it was even during the height last summer. People correctly called out the former failed disgraced Governor Cuomo for his early failures in handling the new disease; but New York had a seven day rolling covid death average of 20, Floridas was 227 a year and a half into this disease Florida is a unhealthy, disease spreading wasteland. At what point is it time to hold DeSantis responsible for the RESULTS of his policy?

Florida's population growth... has drastically dropped.

Economy growth.. the same, its behind the national average.

DeSantis SPEAKS confidently, but other than yell at Joe Biden, what has he done for the past year? What's something positive he's done? His office never responds to these questions so when are voters going to hold him responsible?

Topic: Politics

Tags: Ron DeSantis Florida Covid-19

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