John Cena China Gaffe Continues

Disney Execs Reportedly Monitoring John Cena and China Situation

by PartyBoyTroy

Posted 2 years ago

F9’s (The Fast and the Furious 9) John Cena received backlash after posting a recording that some felt seemed almost like a “hostage video,” in which he begged for forgiveness from the Chinese people, and the Chinese Communist Government for calling Taiwan a country. Cena's video comes among growing criticism of American companies which ignore well documented human rights abuses by China in order to please the Chinese government, who has complete control over the lucrative market.

Western entertainment might have felt that they could create more freedom in China, but the opposite has been true. The communist government has instead used its connections to the worldwide free market to force western corporations to follow their stipulations instead of the other way around. If there is something even remotely offensive to the Chinese government, Hollywood and US based companies bend over backwards to please the communist government. And to make maters worse companies are finding that the Chinese market is not nearly as lucrative as they originally believed. Over the weekend, for example, John Cena’s F9 had a loss of 85% of Chinese box office revenues even after his apology.

Just like the NBA was struck from China over a single tweet, so too can Disney lose control of its Disney Parks in Shanghai and, now, Hong Kong should they raise the ire of the government.

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