Julio Jones Update

Falcons Considering Moving On From Long Time Superstar

by PigskinMT

Posted 1 month ago

The Falcons are reportedly taking calls about trading Julio Jones, a move that would mark a huge change for the Falcons. Jones, a legend for the Falcons, is 32, entering his 11th season, coming off a banged-up year with seven games missed due to injury. Trading him, while not preferred would both free up cap space for a team in need of cap space while also signal that the Falcons are a team in transition. If the Falcons wait until June 2 to deal Jones, his overall cap hit drops by more than $15 million, and they can split his charge between 2021, at $7.75 million, and 2022, at $15.5 million, when the salary cap is expected to be much higher due to a return to pre-covid income and new TV deals.

The Patriots, Ravens, Raiders, and Titans are all believed to be interested in Jones, who at this point in his career could fetch a 2nd or 3rd round pick. And likely alter the draft, as the Falcons would instantly have a huge need at pass catching, and could show their intent to draft all world TE prospect Kyle Pitts, or show that Atlanta is entering full rebuild mood and could decide to draft a replacement for Matt Ryan.

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