Kevin Love apologizes

Love: I fucked up

by KingOfTheB

Posted 3 years ago

Kevin Love, with the Cavaliers down by just 6 points, was set to inbound the ball to one of his teammates. He walked out of bounds to receive the ball, but when the ref threw it, Love slapped it inbounds and walked away from the play. A move that alllowed the Raptors to grab the ball and nail a three to extend their lead.

That play has resulted in Love performing damage control over the past couple days. Love continued that trend Wednesday, admitting he was frustrated by a number of things during the game.

Love said: "This will be a therapy session for me right now. First things first...I fucked up. I love this team and I know that I’m a part of something bigger than myself. It wasn’t my intention to disrespect the game or my teammates. In that moment I was frustrated about a lot of things: Me not being myself, letting the fans down, dealing with injuries, officials, players was frustrating and that’s how it came out in the moment. I have to be better for these young guys. I love my role in helping the young core. This had nothing to do with the coaches or players....I love those guys and I love Cleveland. I’ll rock w/ CLE until the day I die. I’m sorry."

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