Lady Gaga themed Oreos comming soon

Oreo is launching Lady Gaga themed cookies. Here's when you can get them

by MPeriod

Posted 1 month ago

Oreo recruited a superstar collaborator for its next flavor.

The cookie brand announced Wednesday it's partnering with Lady Gaga on a specially themed package of the Oreos based on the pop star's latest album, Chromatica.

The cookies are "pink-colored Golden Oreo cookies with green colored creme," said the company, and will feature designs inspired by the album on the wafer.

The new Oreos will be available in six-cookie packs starting in January, while full packs of the Chromatica cookies will arrive next year.

Fans who want the cookies early can sign up for the Lady Gaga x OREO Stan Club (at to get notified when the full packs release. Oreo says the first 1,000 subscribers will get a free pack of cookies.

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