Matt Nagy Has A New Job

Chiefs bring back former Bears head coach Matt Nagy as QB coach

by PigskinMT

Posted 2 years ago

Former Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Nagy is back in professional football. After an up followed by down down down career as the Bears head coach, Nagy is set to return as a senior assistant and quarterbacks coach for, his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Nagy started was hired by the Bears to modernize the Bears offense and develop number 2 pick, Mitch Trubisky. After a 12-4 debut season, it was all downhill from there. Nagy is set to reunite with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, the duo whose success earned Nagy his head coaching job in the first place.

Chiefs fans have to hope that freedom from the responsibilities of being a head coach and with a proven top quarterback, Nagy can key in helping Mahomes in a way he simply was not able to do with his many quarterbacks in Chicago.

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