Nancy Pelosi Trumps McCarthy

The GOP's embrace of "lack of norms" comes back to haunt them

by MPeriod

Posted 11 months ago

Since former President Obama the Republican party has gone from the party of tradition to a party of ruthless partisanship. Former speaker of the House John Boehner in his book spoke about needing to sneak out to meet with Obama because of the highly partisan, rabid reaction from right wing media and voters. If you work with "the other side" (aka Americans who don't agree with you 100%) you are the enemy took hold among Republicans under Obama and become extremely heightened through the victim-hood fueled Trump presidency. But finally for Democrats, a fighter has emerged.

And no its not AOC lashing out at anything that moves, its not Joe Biden but Pelosi. After Republicans rejected a fully bipartisan look at the Trump inspired attack on the capitol Pelosi went at it alone, setting up a house review -- allowing Republicans to participate, but taking no shit. Trying to one up her House minority leader Kevin McCarthy decided to appoint Jim "one of the worst humans around" Jordan, of such films as "turning a blind eye to abuse at Ohio state" and more recently "literally being involved in advocating for the insurrection" and FINALLY a Democrat with balls smacked it down. Enough of the "must respect the other side" at some point, right is right and wrong is wrong.

Love him or hate him, Trump was Trump. Its about time for people on the left to spend less time in theory (again AOC) and more time fighting for substantive change. The Trump riots were a black eye to this nation. Lets address it, if Republicans want ot play games, roadblock, harm the nation RUN THEM OVER. And finally Pelosi did. Hopefully a sign for things to come as people face losing health care, their homes, family separation, death of the infrastructure bill costing millions of jobs. It is finally time to have someone FIGHT for what is right.

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