National Guard Dispatch To Support Biden Inauguration

Thousands of National Guard troops set to descend on Washington DC

by MPeriod

Posted 3 years ago

Army and Air Guard commands from nearly 30 states have so far pledged to help swear-in the 59th president of the United States later this month. While the activation is not unusual with Republicans threatening violence in support of Trump there is an increased concern for local residents that the need for security may be higher than ever. More than 4,000 troops are expected to be on hand when President-elect Joe Biden officially becomes President at noon on 20 January on the steps of the US Capitol.

The use of National Guard troops is not unusual and have been used to support local police and the secret service in previous inaugurations."Every four years this is the biggest event that the National Guard works," Air Force senior master sergeant Craig Clapper, spokesman for the DC National Guard, told

Clapper continued: "In no inaugurations past have we had to go into any kind of law enforcement role. With this inauguration, we don't anticipate that either, but we still plan for increased numbers of personnel in the area as a just-in-case scenario.”

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