NBA Looking To Add Two Expansion Teams

NBA aiming for $2.5 billion per expansion team

by KingOfTheB

Posted 3 years ago

With profits down due to Covid restrictions the NBA is considering making up some of that lost money by adding two new teams at a price tag of 2.5 billion dollars in franchise fees. That’d be $166,666,667 for each of the existing 30 teams.

That would be a record for a North American sports-franchise sale. The current high is the $2.35 billion Joseph Tsai paid for the Nets in 2019. But keep in mind most of the most valuable sports franchises never come up for sale. In fact, Forbes valued seven NBA teams as worth more than $2.5 billion and if the league is looking at that price tag, the league would like work with potential owners to find the most valuable locations for the new franchise.

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