Russian Invasion Continues

Russian troops beat in Kharkiv, strikes hit energy facilities near Kyiv

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Posted 5 months ago

Ukrainian forces battled Russian troops on the streets of Ukraine's key northeastern city of Kharkiv on Sunday, the regional governor said, as the biggest assault on a European state since the Second World War entered its fourth day.

"The Russian enemy's light vehicles have broken into Kharkiv, including the city centre," Gov. Oleh Sinegubov said. "Ukraine's armed forces are destroying the enemy. We ask civilians not to go out." The city and its surroundings, including a gas pipeline, had been the target of strikes overnight with gunfire and the presence of Russian vehicles reported over the course of the morning.

But later in the day Sinegubov, wrote on Telegram that "Kharkiv is fully under our control," after claiming that Ukrainian forces had expelled Russian troops during a "clean-up" operation.

In the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv Mayor Vilaty Klitschko said 31 people have died in the capital from attacks by Russia as Ukrainian troops and citizens continue to band together to try and repel an invasion. Klitschko said in a post on Telegram on February 27 that the capital was rocked with clashes and skirmishes overnight. "Russia is shelling residential neighborhoods in the Ukrainian capital," he wrote.

"Our military, law enforcement, and territorial defense continue to detect and neutralize saboteurs," he added.

Klitschko said there were no Russian troops present in Kyiv, adding that of the 31 deaths, nine were civilians. Russia however continues to pound sites across Ukraine. Flames billowed into the sky before dawn from an oil depot near an air base in Vasylkiv, where there has been intense fighting, according to the town's mayor. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office said another explosion was at the civilian Zhuliany airport.

Zelenskyy's office also said Russian forces blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, prompting the government to warn people to protect themselves from the smoke by covering their windows with damp cloth or gauze.

"We will fight for as long as needed to liberate our country," Zelenskyy vowed.

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