SaraH Palin Speaks About Her NYT Lawsuit

Sarah Palin says she'll 'consider' taking her case to the Supreme Court

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Posted 2 years ago

After testifying at trial Wednesday for her defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin told Insider she'll "consider" seeking to have the Supreme Court revoke a landmark defamation case.

During testimony Thursday that lasted several hours, Palin characterized The Times as a Goliath against which she felt powerless. She testified that she had trouble sleeping after the publication of a June 2017 editorial that falsely claimed a clear link between an ad from her political action committee and a deadly mass shooting that grievously wounded a Democratic congresswoman years earlier.

In March 2010, Palin's political action committee targeted U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona and more than a dozen other Democratic lawmakers for defeat. The PAC's ad placed stylized cross-hairs over their congressional districts. Giffords was among those at the time who raised objections to the ad, suggesting it contained violent political symbolism. Palin shrugged off the criticism. The following year, a shooter in Tucson killed six people and wounded more than a dozen more, including Giffords.

"You didn't have any issue with the content on this flier, did you?" asked a New York Times attorney, David Axelrod.

"No," Palin replied, saying later, "I took issue with the interpretation...that it was any kind of call for violence."

It was not the first time that news outlets had insinuated the Sarah PAC map had a link to the Giffords shooter's motives, Palin testified.

Asked if she wanted to have the high court overturn New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, the landmark 1964 case that established the legal standards for criticizing public figures, Palin told Insider she wants to take it "one step at a time" before deciding whether to make that argument in an appeal.

"We'll consider it after this case," Palin said.

The former Alaska governor said she prefers to win her trial outright rather than go through the appeals process.

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