Tim Tebow Cut

Jaguars release Tim Tebow after 1 preseason game

by PigskinMT

Posted 5 months ago

The Jacksonville Jaguars have released Tim Tebow following the team's 23-13 preseason loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The former Heisman Trophy-winning Florida Gators quarterback, turned formermulti-team NFL QB, turned former sports broadcaster, turned former minor league baseball player signed a one-year contract in May to play tight end for the Jaguars. The move reunited Tebow with his college coach Urban Meyer and was always a longshot. After using the number one pick in the NFL draft to select, their likely QB of the future, the Jaguars have become a team on the rise.

Tebow, a 34 year old former player, who spent the last 5 years trying to play baseball, remains popular to many in part due to his outspoken Christian faith and hated by many for a wide variety of reasons joined the team attempting to switch positions from QB to TE a difficult move for anyone make let alone someone who has been out of the league and is "old" in football years. His zero catch, preseason debut was mostly unremarkable and his release comes as no surprise.

Tebow's training camp invite alone inspired huge reactions that were both positive and negative. And while this was likely his last chance to play in the NFL, he will likely remain a polarizing figure.

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