TNT Makes Broadcasting Move

TNT to buy remaining NHL broadcasts

by SticksOnTheIce

Posted 1 month ago

The NHL has sold its "B" package.

In an agreement yet to be made official, the NHL will reportedly enter into a seven-year national broadcasting partnership with Turner Sports, finalizing a total U.S. television package that was bolstered earlier this year with the league's return to ESPN.

Siding with ESPN and now Turner's TNT, the NHL's 15-year partnership with NBC will come to an end at the conclusion of this season, while networks like FOX and CBS, who may or may not have had interest, will remain on the outside.

TNT will receive three of the next seven Stanley Cup finals beginning next season, while the remaining four belong to ESPN as part of its deal. Turner will spend "in the neighbourhood of $225 million" each season for the package, which value the total agreement at upwards of $1.6 billion.

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